MSP Compliance & Resolution Services

MedInsights is unique in its ability to provide a complete Medicare Secondary Payer compliance Package - from identification through settlement.

MedInsights’ Compliance and Resolution Unit provides all parties with a one-stop resource to ensure compliance with today’s complicated set of laws.

The unit is unique in its combined use of high-level adjusting staff and certified RNs to collaborate efforts in providing services. The comprehensive solution applies cost-saving tools such as the use of our medical bill review system along with reversionary clauses and the use of structured settlements.

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  • The RRE Registration period ends September 30, 2009;
  • CMS extended the testing period from January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2010;
  • Total Payment Obligation to the Claimants (TPOCs) occurring prior to January 1, 2010 are not reportable. This is not true of on-going responsibility for medicals (ORMs), which will need to be reported as of July 1, 2009;
  • Reporting will begin April 1, 2010.

Each entity will need to register and designate an agent to provide reporting services. Due to the current structure of the registration process, TPAs are unable to register on behalf of Responsible Reporting Entities. MedInsights is fully prepared to provide reporting services. Registration for non-Group Health entities will open on May 1, 2009 and close on September 30, 2009. Information from CMS is available by going to the CMS Web site.


MedInsights is able to assist you through the process and serve as your reporting agent. Prior to beginning the registration process, MedInsights must be notified of your company’s intent to designate MedInsights as your Agent. A MedInsights representative will contact you to discuss the terms of our engagement. Thereafter, you will be required to register as an RRE.

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